Full Production:


We offer Full Production with music producers Nawaf Gheraibah or Sajid "Sarj" Masood.

Go from just an idea to a mastered final product.


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Pre Production:


Take your songs to the next level with expert advice and suggestions from our producers and engineers. Draft a demo of your songs using our advice and suggestions before moving onto the next step.


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Our Studio is fully equipped with top-of-the-line gear and a professionally treated live room to accommodate a wide range of recording needs from vocals and guitars to acoustic drum-kit, string quartet, choir, etc.


Price:  15 KD/hour | 70 KD/day (5 hours) | 300 KD/week (5 days)



The process where your recordings come to life. Give your songs the sound they deserve with a professional mix that is faithful to the musical genre of your songs.



45 KD/song (Up to 48 tracks, 5 minutes)

70 KD/song (Up to 72 tracks, 10 minutes)

90 KD/song (Up to 128 tracks, 15 minutes)



With a hybrid setup of both analog and digital mastering gear, we can make your mixes sound as clear, punchy, wide, loud and proud as possible without destroying the dynamics and soul of the songs.



Stereo Mastering (1 stereo track for each song)
Standard Turnaround Time: 2-7 business days

1 Song: 25 KD 
EP Package (3-5 songs): 100 KD
Full Length Album (10-12 songs): 200 KD

Rush Delivery: 24 hour turnaround (Additional charge of 5 KD/song)


Stem Mastering (Up to 8 stereo tracks for each song)
Standard Turnaround Time: 3-10 Business Days

1 Song: 50 KD
EP Package (3-5 songs): 200 KD
Full Length Album (10-12 songs): 400 KD

Rush Delivery: 24 hour turnaround (Additional charge of 10 KD/song)


Other Services:


Vocal Production (Pitch correction, harmony)

Electric Guitar/Bass Re-Amping

Acoustic Drum-kit Sound Replacement

MIDI Programming/Arrangement of Virtual Instruments


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Session Musicians:


We have a full roster of professional session musicians available on your request.

Contact us to inquire availability and hiring fees for booking session musicians.


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