Genre: Rap / Hip-Hop

Army of One



“Army Of One” are known for their style of music "Ra’n’B" which refers to a blend of Rap/Hiphop and R&B rhythms. The art of their music is so inherent that it is superfluous to have a particular name for it. Their music is always coupled with some other art such as poetry and is one of the most revealing forms of expression! In Dubai, Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt and in their home town Kuwait, “Army Of One” have received significant attention in the media.


Although none of them have come from a family of musicians, yet, it was family who played an important role in motivating these young boys and helped them realize their true happiness lies in music and they decided to follow their dream. In their short span of performing as a group, “Army Of One” traveled a difficult road from their beginnings as English artists trying to make it in an Arab community! Their efforts were not in vain as their music captured the interest of many listeners.


Over the course of their career, “Army Of One” made their debut in 2005 with the release of their album "Reprezentin". While their new album "Hush" which was released early 2006 provided immediate exposure for the group and their album received excellent reviews. The songs are strong and the musicianship is exquisite. Just another brilliant CD to their collection of great work!


“Army Of One” motto in life is to please their audience and reach musical perfection with a hope to spread a message of love and peace not only to the Arab world, but to the whole Universe! They all believe that if one is to pursue a career, then it might as well be something they enjoy doing the most. They consider themselves to be genuinely talented and live and breathe music!


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